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Test of red blood cells in our body is the most common test for Kidney. Failure, Leukemia, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Anemia, and much more. Hematocrit means the proportion of the blood that consists of packed red blood cells. The term “hematocrit” was coined in 1903 and comes from the Greek roots hemat-, blood + krites, judge = to judge or gauge the blood. The abbreviation for hematocrit is hct. In medical terminology the hematocrit is called the crit. Blood drawn from a finger stick is often used for hematocrit testing. The blood fills a small tube, which is then spun in a small centrifuge. As the tube spins the red blood cells go to the bottom of the tube, the white blood cells cover the red in a thin layer called the buffy coat, and the liquid plasma rises to the top. The spun tube is examined for the line that divides the red cells from the buffy coat and plasma. The height of the red cell column. The higher the column of red cells, the higher the hematocrit.