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Automatic Stainless Steel Sterilizer LDZX

LDZX-40BZenith Lab Inc. has 4 automatic stainless steel sterilizer options: LDZX-40B of 40L, LDZX-50B of 50L, LDZX-750B of 750L, and LDZX-100B of 100L. The automatic stainless steel sterilizer models LDZX, apply pressure and saturated steam mainly to disinfect medical equipment. Some of its main features include: mechanical safety interlocking device, computer control auto cycle sterilization, LED screen, temperature scope 50°C- 126°C, time range between 0-9999min, over pressure auto discharging of 0.145-0.165Mpa and, automatic shutdown with beeping alarm remaining after the sterilization process is completed. Its automatic application of stainless steel and steam sterilizer procedures are used for fast and reliable sterilization for health services, scientific research, agriculture, surgical equipment, medical dressings, and laboratory glassware. Come check out Zenith Lab Inc. web site http://www.zenithlabo.com/ for more laboratory equipment options.

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