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balance jfA digital analytical balance scale is used in laboratories to measure small quantities of materials.  Most analytical scales come with a clear glass shield, which covers the measuring scale to ensure accuracy. Zenith Lab Inc. has four analytical balances with different capacities: JF1004 with     0-100g, JF1204 with 0-120g, JF1604 with 0-160g, and JF2104 with 0-210g. The JF series is made of an electromagnetic force compensation technology, aluminum alloy cast, stainless steel platter, and bright LCD display with backlights. Its overload protection, bubble level adjustment, under hook, make the multi weight unit conversation g/mg/ct/oz one of the safest and reliable balances for laboratories. All of Zenith Lab Inc. balances are universal power adaptor supplied, CE approved, and calibration weight certified.

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