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YAZD-5蒸馏水器The YAZD-5 has an electric heating system for water distillation method. Its automatic cut off power, reasonable structure, stable performance, and easy operation, make it ideal for medical/ health, laboratory and manufacturing medicine departments. Distilled water is used for research, where water purity is essential because impurities can cause inaccurate results in experiment testing. Untreated water, contains levels of organic and inorganic material that is not good for any type of trace analysis. Distilled water is pure, so you know, if you get an inaccurate test result,it was directly linked to the experiment, and not the water. Pure water is elemental to a successful experiment. All of Zenith Lab Inc.’s. water distillers are made with advanced technology and high-quality stainless steel materials. Zenith Lab Inc. carries six different stainless steel water distillers: YAZD-5 of 5L, YAZD-10 of 10L, YAZD-20 of 20L, YAZD-5WS of 5L, YAZD-10WS of 10L, and YAZD-20WS of 20l for any of your laboratory needs.

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