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Zenith Lab Inc. semiannual update

1Zenith Lab Inc. has accomplished a lot these past 6 months, from moving to a new location to attending some of the most important medical conferences around the world. In January, 2016  Zenith Lab Inc. moved to our newest assembly line warehouse in Pomona, California USA. This new location allows Zenith Lab Inc. to have more ample stock available, and cut shipping times to our Latin American customers (considering most shipping ports are nearby). Since January we have attended: Pittcon in Atlanta Georgia, Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) in Las Vegas Nevada, ExpoFarma in Mexico City, Hospitalar in Brazil and ExpoMed in Mexico City. Per our mission statement, “Our Mission is to enrich the World of Science through Global quality and dedication to excellence. Our goal is to become Global Market leader in laboratory equipment industry with state-of-the-art innovation, technology and great customer service. We take pride in making sure our customers feel welcome, respected and comfortable. Our focus is and always will be to provide our customers with a great experience; also to maintain a strong and lasting relationship with you to make your laboratory environment more efficient, cleaner and safe”. As we continue our journey through the rest of the year, we hope that we can continue to grow and network in many more conferences to come! Please subscribe to our page for more important dates to come.

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