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Rotor Balancing

Zenith Lab Inc. Strives to answer your questions no matter the problem. “You need it, we Do It!” Recently we’ve have had the common questions of how to keep a centrifuge balanced. Below are a few examples, using 2-12 samples at a time in a 12 tube rotor.

Picture1 http://www.di.uq.edu.au/sparqcentrifuge

However, despite balancing the rotor. We’ve also encountered at times. “What to do when ONLY ONE sample is being tested?” Zenith Lab Inc has recommended to use a tube filled with water, to insure the rotor is kept balanced. Volume of fluids need to be same all around.
**If the tubes are in the correct position in the rotor, they need to have an equal mass (example: they need to contain the same volume of liquid). If your tubes have unequal volumes (or you have an odd number of tubes), make sure that you include a balance tube containing the correct volume of liquid**

Picture2 https://web.stanford.edu/dept/EHS/prod/researchlab/lab/centrifuge.html

Not keeping the symmetrical value and volumes will cause damage to the equipment or the samples.

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