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xsz-107bnThe binocular biological microscope model XSZ-107BN, it is widely used in medical and sanitary establishments such as: laboratory institutes, agricultural research, colleges and universities for clinical microscope inspections. Some of its main features include a wide eyepiece WF10X (2PCS), WF16X (2PCS) tube binocular at 45̊, inclined at a rotatable 360̊. Its halogen lamp has an illumination of 6V /20W making its objectives of 4X, 10X, 40XS, 100XS more easy to analyze. Along with its coarse adjustment range of 30mm, fine adjustment range of 30mm, working stage (Double Layer Mechanical Stage:130×140mm, Moving Range 75mm×45mm), a condenser (NA1,25 Abee Condenser With Changeable Diaphragm, Moving Scale And Fil ), and a total magnification of 40X̴1600X. Its small size 32cm*35cm*49cm / 12.6in*13.8in*19.3in and weight of 9 kg/ 20 lb. makes the XSZ-107BN a necessary microscope for research in biology, bacteriology, cytology, histology and pharmaceutical chemistry. Zenith Lab Inc. has a wide range of microscopes and laboratory equipment available to you and your lab needs. If you need it, we do it!

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