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zen-l002(003)Zenith Lab Inc. has a wide range of lamps ranging from: LED, examination, x-ray film illuminators, and luminescence one-hole operation lights. Examination lamps are intended for the use in minor surgery rooms, outpatient examination and doctor offices for nose, ear, eye, and throat examinations. The examination lamp ZEN-L003 has a small head frame with a diameter of 75mm that enables a better close up for the user because the light spot can be changed from small aperture to big aperture by focusing all the light into a small bright spot. This lamp has a unique blend of intense light output, superior performance, and affordability making it the perfect choice for almost any type of exam. The 700 mm-long flexible handle can be easily moved for diverse illuminated angles. Overall, the ZEN-L003 is a super-flexible procedure light that combines outstanding durability, extraordinary maneuverability, and unparalleled spot quality at an extremely attractive price.