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Tissue Floatation and Baking Bath/Processor YD-AB

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Tissue Floatation and Baking Bath/Processor YD-AB

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• Adopted high technology and Touching Screen Control,new type of heating material to ensure Small volume and light weight.
•It contains bath and baking processor and independent heat power without any affect each other .
•Automatic memorization and recover the last setting temperature stored to start when the power start again.
•If the power is switched off suddenly, the machine can go on work and correct mistake automatically when the power switch on again.
• high-tech control system make it precision in temperature and rapid heating and baking slice.
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•Model: YD-AB
•Water Temperature for spreading: indoor temperature-90℃(maximum) adjustable and automatically thermostatic
•Temperature for roasting: indoor temperature-90℃ (maximum) adjustable and automatically
•Memory function: Automatically retain set temperature after operating
•Power voltage:AC220V±10% 50HZ
•Power: ≤550W
•Environment temperature: 0~40℃
•size of bath plate: 425×415×215mm
•size of baking plate: 425×415×215mm
Warranty: 1 year