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Tissue Processor (YD-12P)

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Tissue Processor (YD-12P)

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• Automatic and high intelligent, it can judge in time and solve automatically when it meet some small problems.
• Prevent tissue form being injured, can automatically track feedback, remove some error in accumulating, position orderly, operate reliably.
• The users can set two program and choose any one according to different tissue.
• If the power is switched off suddenly, the machine can go on work and correct mistake automatically when the power switch on again.
• The LCD is make the communication between user and machine easily. The sterilization system can clean ,sterilize and exhaust the harmful air which exist from the evaporation of reagent.

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  • Tissue Processor (YD-12P)
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    Product name: Tissue Processor
    Model: YD12P
    Total containers: 12 (9 for reagent + 3 for medical paraffin)
    Station capacity: 1000ml
    Processing time: 0-99 Hrs
    Temperature range: 0~99℃
    Delay boot -strap time set arbitrarily in Any time you set.
    Hydraulic stop time: 20~120 seconds
    Remaining infiltration time: 20 seconds
    Tissue protective hydraulic: in any bath from No 1 to No 9
    Normal voltage and frequency: AC200± 10% 50Hz ± 1Hz 500W± 10%
    Temperature of environment: 0~40℃
    Dimension: 1200×680×600mm
    Weight: 95kg
    Warranty: 1 year