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Tissue Baking Processor YD-B

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Tissue Baking Processor YD-B

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• Adopted the newest high technology and nice screen control, new type of heating material to ensure Small volume and light weight.
• Automatic memory of setting temperature and running .
• High precision in temperature controlling. heating fast ,durable and energy-serving .
• If the power is switched off suddenly, the machine can go on work and correct mistake automatically when the power switch on again.
• The LCD display the current temperature and presetting temperature to make the communication between user and machine easily .

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  • Tissue Baking Processor YD-B
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    Model: Tissue Floatation Bath YD-A
    Temperature prefabricate: 0~100℃ set arbitrarily
    Rating Power: 300W
    Thermostatic control with an accuracy of ±0.5°C
    Power voltage: AC220V±10% 50HZ
    Dimension: 425×415×215mm
    Weight: 10kg
    Warranty: 1 year