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ZENITH recognizes that building sustainable business practices to enhance the value of the company is in the best interest of our company, associates, suppliers, customers and community. We also understand that our customers have sustainability initiatives; ZENITH is committed to help them achieve their sustainability goals. At ZENITH, we are approaching sustainability to meet the three primary goals as defined by the UN World Commission on Environment and Development: Social Impact (People) Environmental Protection (Planet) Economic Growth (Performance)
Our Goal By 2015 ZENITH will provide access to at least 2 wellness programs to 100% of ZENITH's associates. Increase the percentage of eligible associates participating in ZENITH on the move, a team based step, exercise and weight loss program, by 40% over 2011 participation. Safety achievement and maintain injury rates that are less than 50% of the industry average.
Associate Development 100% of associates participate in Sustainability training. Increase participation in the Associate Engagement Survey by 5% over 2012 participation. Community Engagement Implement a global tracking system for volunteerism. Engage 15% of associates in ZENITH-sponsored community events. Increase dollars donated by ZENITH for charitable giving by 10% over 2010.
Planet Energy & Emissions Reduce energy use by 5% per associate over 2010 use. Waste & Recycling Currently being developed Performance Sustainable Products. Improve and increase sustainable product offerings and innovation. Continual improvement expand ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certification programs.