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Magnetic Bar A

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Magnetic Bar A
This series is tetrafluoroethylene magnetic stirrer.
It widely used in research, laboratories, universities, pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural production and other sectors.
It is a necessary member when the solution was stirred in laboratories.
The product has advantages of high-temperature resistance, strong acid, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, non-toxic, great rotational force, stable transport.

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Product name: Magnetic Bar
Model: A

Model A (mm)

Model B (mm)

Model C (mm)

A102 Φ6x10.2

B988 Φ9X98.8

C-50 Φ8X50

A150 Φ7x15

B660 Φ9X66

C-45 Φ8X45

A200 Φ8x20

B700 Φ8X70

C-40 Φ8X40

A250 Φ9x25

B565 Φ9X56.5

C-35 Φ8X35

A280 Φ9.5X28

B485 Φ9X48.5

C-30 Φ8X30

A300 Φ10X30

B400 Φ11X40

C-25 Φ8X25

A350 Φ10X35

B360 Φ9X36

C-20 Φ7X20

A400 Φ15X40

B330 Φ7X33

C-15 Φ5X15

A500 Φ20X50

B300 Φ7X30

C-10 Φ4X10

A700 Φ25X70

B275 Φ9X27.5

C-6 Φ3X6


B263 Φ7X26.3



B220 Φ7X22



B200 Φ8X20



B180 Φ7X18



B150 Φ6X15



B145 Φ5X14



B138 Φ8X13



B100 Φ4.5X10