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LED thin film viewing lamp (ZFV-L2)

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LED thin film viewing lamp (ZFV-L2)
●High brightness, the rated brightness of 4000 / 6000cd / square meters, suitable for reading different density film.
●Fully aluminum alloy frame, fast heat dissipation, reduce LED decay, color fading, durable and use permanently.
●The observing screen brightness spreads uniformly, no flicker, no dark, clear image, no visual fatigue.
●Microcomputer digital button dimming, button the beeper reminds, digital tube 0-9 digital display, the brightness memory.
●The inserts induction control, time setting to turn off, manual button switch the lamp.
●LED does not contain mercury, environmental protection and energy saving, no temperature effect, even if low temperature state is also pointed for bright instantaneously, bilateral power socket on the left and right, convenient installation.

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  • LED thin film viewing lamp (ZFV-L2)
  • Visualización de la Lámpara LED(ZFV-L2)
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    Product name: LED thin film viewing lamp
    Model: ZFV-L2
    Type: Double panel
    Viewing screen size(mm): 712×425
    installation pitch(mm): 757
    Illumination: 4000 / 6000cd/㎡
    brightness dimmer: 100-4000cd/m2
    Voltage: 220V 50Hz
    Dimension(mm): 792×488×21
    Weight: 6.6 kg
    Warranty: 1 year