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Laboratory Freeze Dryer

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Laboratory Freeze Dryer
1. Control display: 7 inch LCD color liquid crystal screen operation, display clear, easy to operate.
2. Integral structure design: small occupation area, easy to use, no leakage.
3. High-efficiency air-cooled condenser: with aerodynamic aircraft blades to improve heat dissipation capacity, more energy saving.
4. Cold trap process: large opening, no inner coil, cold trap can pre-freeze samples, cold trap seamless welding, mirror polishing, bottom fillet design, easier to clean.
5. Intelligent data recording system: real-time recording and displaying the temperature of the cold trap;Sample temperature;Vacuum degree.
6. Intelligent memory storage: historical data query function, data at a glance, large storage space can store nearly a month's work data.
7. Intelligent data export: configuration USB interface, no additional software, insert the U disk can be directly exported to the current and historical data, exported data can be browsed through the computer printing and a variety of operations.
8. System record interval: record and save data every 30 seconds, record frequency is high, high accuracy.
9. Refrigeration system adopts international famous brand compressor. (SECOP) low noise, cooling capacity, using self-cascade refrigeration technology, cold trap temperature stability, more reliable performance.
10. Vacuum pump adopts international standard vacuum pump interface, which is practical.
11. Limit vacuum ≤ 1pa, vacuum adjustment function is optional. Adjustable range: 105-1.3 × 10-2 (pa)
12. Vacuum pump pumping speed 2L/4L/S
13. The charging valve can be filled with nitrogen or inert gas for drying and preservation.
14. Electric defrosting function: electric heating auxiliary defrosting, fast, save time.
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Freeze-dried Area


Cold Trap Temperature


Material Loading


Water Capture Capacity


Vacuum degree


Material Tray Specification

(φ*h) 200*20mm

Layer number of material tray

4 layers

Number of lyophilized bottles

8 (optional)

Whole Machine Power


Appearance Dimension