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Freezing Microtome(YD-315III)

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Freezing Microtome(YD-315III)

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• High precision specimen feed
• Universal cassette clamp and standard specimen clamp
• The hand wheel can be locked in any position or highest position , The dual fail-safe control system is safe and reliable
• It adopt the special blade holder , it is more safe and convenient to use the disposable blade directly . good durability and long service life
• Smoothly running handwheel
• Spacious, integrated section waste tray

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  • Freezing Microtome(YD-315III)
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    Product name:Freezing Microtome

    Model: YD-315III

    Section thickness range: 0- 60um

    Setting values : From 0-2 um in 0.5 um –increments

                              Form 2-10um in 1 um-increments

                              Form 10-20 um in 2 um-increments

                              Form 20-60um in 5 um-increments

    Horizontal specimen stroke :28 mm

    Vertical specimen stroke : 60mm

    Precision error: ± 5%

    Sample orientation:8°along the X-Y-axis,rotable 360°

    Maximum section size: 50 × 45mm

    Dimensions incl. tray (L/T/H):300mm(L)X570mm(W)X270mm(H)

    Net weight:34kg

    Warranty: 1 year

    YD-III Freezing system

    1)Slice thickness range: 1-60micron(335III,YD-315III,YD-355ATIII)

                                         1-35micron (2508 III )

                                         1-30micron(1508A III / 1508RIII /2508 III)

                                         1-25micron (202AIII /202 III / 2508 III)

    2) Least slice adjusting graduation: 1micron

    3)Maximum slice section: 40 × 50μ M 40 × 30μ M

    4)Maximum cold storage area: 40 × 32 μ M

    5) LCD display show the temperature of Cryo-console and Cryo-scalpel    simultaneity

    6)maximum difference in temperature of freezing stage ≥ 60℃

    7)maximum difference in temperature of cooling knife ≥ 50℃

    8)automatic recovery of refrigeration working state after defrost

    9)After automatic defrost, it takes 4-8 minutes to reach setting temperature