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Freezing Microtome ( YD-1900)

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Freezing Microtome ( YD-1900)

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• MPU (Microprocessor) Control the temperature and LCD display automatically, and control the function of the section and trimming semi-automatically.
• Two Compressor for freezing (import from Denmark).Five freezing place: two freezing tray, freezing specimen holder, freezing box, freezing knife.
• Beautiful Streamline design.
• Specimen retraction function, protects specimen from blade injury.
• Adopt advance import actuation system for advance of the specimen holder .
• Defrost Function.
• Automatic retraction system for section.
• Automatic retraction system for specimen holder.
• Anti-roll system which made the slice flat.
• Slice the specimen flat, thin, even and continuously.

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  • Freezing Microtome ( YD-1900)
  • Microtomo de Congelación ( YD-1900)
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    Product name: Cryostat
    Model: YD-1900
    Temperature of Freezing Box: -5℃~-35℃(±2℃)
    Temperature of Freezing Tray: 10℃~-40℃
    Temperature of Freezing specimen holder: -5℃~-40℃(±2℃)
    Temperature of Freezing Knife: -5℃~-25℃
    Range of Section Thickness
    Trimming thickness: 1-60um
    Setting value: from 1-60um 1um increment
    Maximum Sample: 55mm
    Maximum vertical specimen stroke: 59mm
    Maximum horizontal specimen stroke :28mm via step motor
    Range of Angle Adjustment of freezing Knife: 0-15°
    Dimension: 600×640×1150mm
    Weight: 120kg
    Power: 220V/110V
    Warranty: 1 year