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Classic series ultrapure water machine

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Classic series ultrapure water machine
1. The LCD touch screen control system has the function of self-diagnosis of abnormal operation (raw water, pure water and ultra-pure water), warning function of life display of consumables and membrane and reminder of replacement;
2. The unique membrane treatment technology and accessories in the United States can adapt to different municipal tap water in different places;
3. The reverse osmosis system has the function of automatic, manual and regular washing, and effective protection to prolong the service life of RO membrane;
4. Fully closed pipeline design to avoid secondary pollution and maintain stable water quality; Internal one key disinfection pressure relief;
5. Automatic continuous water production, real-time operation status display, operation parameters can be adjusted;
6. Water system and circuit system are completely separated, and safety risks are completely eliminated;
7. Chinese and English language switching function (factory default is Chinese), more in line with your language habits;
8. The equipment conforms to (national laboratory water standard GB/t6682-2008), Chinese national standard for ultra-pure water of electronic grade (GB/t11446.1-1997), and American standard for water of experimental grade (CAP, ASTM, NCCLS);
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True color touch screen control panel

Body aesthetics arc design is beautiful and generous

The translucent front housing is convenient for real-time view and replacement of consumables