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biological microscope(CM-2000)

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biological microscope(CM-2000)

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  • biological microscope(CM 2000)
  • Microscopio CM2000
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    Model: CM-2000

    Optical System: Infinite Optical System

    Viewing Head: Seidentopf Binocular Viewing Head, Inclined at 30° Interpupillary 48mm-75mm

    Eyepiece: Wide Field Eyepiece WF10X/F.N.22mm

    Optional Eyepiece: Wide Field Eyepiece WF16X/F.N.15mm

                                Wide Field Eyepiece WF20X/F.N.12mm

    Nosepiece: Backward Quadruple Nosepiece

                    Backward Quintuple Nosepiece(Optional)

    Objective: Infinite High Contrast Chromatic-free Full Plan Objectives 4X 10X 40X 100X

    Condenser: NA1.25

    Focusing System: Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment, Fine Division 0.001mm, Coarse Stroke37.7mm/Rotation, Fine Stroke

                               0.1mm/Rotation, Moving range 24mm

    Stage: Double Layer Mechanical Stage 216x150mm, Graphite Surface, Moving Range 75mmx55mm

    Kohler Illumination: External Illumination, 3W/LED

    Optional Accessory: Seidentopf Trinocular Viewing Head

                                  C Mount 0.5X

                                  Dark Field Attachment

                                  Phase Contrast Attachment

    Packing&Size: Foam 370x320x510mm

    G.W.: 8.5kg/19lb

    Warranty: 1 year